Acoustic girl group ‘SpinEL’ debuts on M! Countdown with “Chu Chu”

Korea’s first ever acoustic guitar girl group, SpinEL, has made their official debut with their first single, “Chu Chu“.

This girl group team is comprised of two members, SPIN and EL, both of whom were born in 1996. SPIN is the vice president of her class and first began featuring for other artists since 2003. EL used to be a child actress and starred in a variety of movies, dramas, and mucicals.

While SpinEL is a combination of their name, it is also the name of a jewel. Like their name, the girls hope to become a shiny jewel in the Korean music industry.

Representatives of SpinEL stated, “The public is thirsty for talented and real music, as exemplified by the hits of C’est Si Bon and MBC’s ‘I Am A Singer.’ SpinEL has that same girl group charm, but with also a musical style that will satisfy listeners.”

The girls debuted on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” by performing with their guitars on air.

source: allkpop

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