Эмо прическа

синий со светлыми волосами и черными прическа

A Dash of Emo Pink

Pink hair color is really effective and pretty on emo hair.
You can mix pink up with blue to create blue, pink and purple tones on platinum blonde hair.

Combine soft pink with black hair for a gorgeous emo hairstyle

Place pink coontails on bleached hair.

Add bright pink hair color to your emo hairstyle.

Cute Girl

cute emo girl

cute emogirl hair
Cunning, attractive, cute girl contrived to charm.

How To Do Scene Hair

Here are some pics from a cool clip on how to do scene hair.
Basically the only things you need are a fine tooth comb and a truckload of hairspray!

Start off by spraying your roots with hairspray:

And begin teasing hair, make sure you leave your bangs straight and pinned down so they don't get in the way:

As you tease hair remember to keep spraying them with hairspray so that the hair will hold:

And just when you thought you could not take the fumes keep spraying some more!

And here you are with your scene hair as pretty asa peach!

Now if you want to watch the video here it is below!

Emo Hair Cuts

Awesome emo hair cuts for girls!

Black hair makes blue eyes pop!

Add some white blonde streaks underneath for this cute emo hair cut!

Emo Hair Bangs

Some images of blue emo hair with emo hair bangs that are very pretty indeed!

Blunt emo bangs can also look cute!

Side emo bangs with cute blue streaks among raven black hair.

I love me some emo hair bangs!

Random Blondes

A few random blondes

I am with myself on the inside..

photo source: sunset love

Everyone is right and at the same time wrong on being emo. It's just the way the world works. See, everyone has their own opinions and no one should shut them up no matter what others think, or if they don't agree. It's just how the world works. Isn't that the whole point of trying to "find" you? To never hold anything back and always look for a you that you feel comfortable in, and all the people who call the others posers, how are you to judge that?

Everyone is still human, still people trying to find themselves in this image crazed world. There's no right or wrong thing to think or say or be for that matter, "When your mother tells you to love and appreciate your body, it's not just to get you to shut up. They know that when you're old you are going to feel exactly the same way you do inside as you do now.

We try on different dresses, different selves, but our souls are always the sameongoing and full of light." It's from the book, Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block (All time favorite book). It's true, no matter what shells you try on you're always going to be the same, but you make that choice to look at it and see if maybe you could try on that shell. That is you, the human that wants to appreciate and love their own body. You just gotta see the good and bad in it. Not just what you want to, but everything else that makes it.

Emo Cutie

Very cute emo girl!

Emo Photography


Gerardo Andres' photography at flickr.com

Hair Extensions Explained

Hair extensions clips (strips and bits):

The most practical and most sustainable in my opinion! These are long strips of varying lengths. These clips are attached to the hairline.
The Negative - You need to apply them and remove them daily.
The Positive - You can re use them and change them up to suit your style or outfit for the day. Hair extension clips can last several months, even a year or two all depending on the quality and care that you give them.

Extensions glued to your hair (fushion):

Get these done at the hairdresser, it lasts 2-3 months in all. It's a bit more expensive than extensions that clip on, but the effect is super nice.
The Negative - After a month, some little bits start to fall off and you need to apply more glue. When it comes time to remove the glue from your head there is a lot of damage done to your natural hair from the roots.
The Positive - You don't need to worry about applying them daily as they are attached to your head permanently. The effect is supernatural.

Extensions woven into her head (weave):

A technique that I know a little less about. This method consists of extension bands like those with the clip, except that they are sewn into your hair on french braids.
The Negative -If extensions are very long and heavy it can put pressure on your hair and pull it out. Extensive use of this method over a long time can cause thinning of your own hair.
The Positive - Again, you are not obliged to remove them and place them every day, it is about 1 to 2 months well sewn into your head. And finally, each tape is reusable for sewing again later in your head, so it is far cheaper than those that are glued on!

Pictures of hair extensions gone wrong: (not emo or scene but you get the idea)
Britney Spears bad hair extension day:

Paris Hilton bad hair extension day:

Scene Core

According to Urban Dictionary the definition of scene core is:

Scenecore is usually associated with glam punk. It's following music trends and applying fashion trends to them, and those fashion trends are usually as mainstream as it can be in the punk scene...and they are considered to be posers too. It's also dressing just to impress rather than just wearing something that's cheap and comfortable.

Boys usually wear tight shirts, girls pants, and sometimes "emo" style hair

Girls usually have short hair, sometimes with really short bangs, pin straight, dyed lots of times

bandanas around the ankle and wrist is scenecore, and so are really huge sunglasses and small hairclips.

It also seems like a lot of scenecore girls go to shows just to meet guys, and vice versa.
Ohh man look at that girl...

she looks like she just went on a shopping spree at A and F and thrift stores...

yeah and she only likes Bane and Simple Plan.

Mann what a scene core chick...

Bow in the hair, poseur face... this girl is soo scene core, at least according to some

SceneCore is not "EMO" SceneCore consists of teenagers usually around 14-17 Who listen to Hardcore and usually Metal-core. And sometimes they have traditional Heavy metal, Death metal, Or Grindcore. They useally dress up in tight Band tees or tight ripped jeans.They Wear hoodies almost all the time. Useally have studded belts on Wallet chains. And optional Bracelets and Wristbands. They usually have straightend hair bangs off to the side and or spiked. Once again they are not faggy emo kids who cut them selves and whine about how they're life sucks. Basically if you dress like an emo but don't act like one. You are SceneCore
Emo boy: Hey, you're emo too..?
SceneCore Boy: What? Fuck no.
Emo boy: Ohh...well I just wanted someone to cut them selves with me while we listened to hawthorne heights...and whined about our lives...
SceneCore boy: Later pussy...
Emo boy: *Cries*
SceneCore boy: *Punches him in the face.* Faggot.

Scene core girl with out there hairstyle.

Bright pink hair, huge sunglasses, obligatory hair bow

Pretty as a picture scene core girl

What is your definition of SCENE CORE??? please add it to the comments section!

Purple Combinations - Emo Hairstyles

Ever thought of dying your hair pink and purple?

You can add a bit of blue and leave some strands blonde!

Or go for purple and blue...so pretty!