Hair Like.... Dakota?

Hair like Dakota Rose?

This look has been attempted by many but I don't think Koti pulls it off to well, she looks much better with short blonde hair:

Emo Girl Lip Piercing Fashion

Emo girl
emo girl Emo girl with long black hairstyle and lip piercing

Emo gal

Emo Cute Hairstyles For Teens

The new culture of kids
The skull is one of her favorite symbols and the black color of their shirts and paint. But with goth and the Gothic scene these kids do not have much in common. They are EMOS, and their thoughts are not black. The new cult of the kids is much brighter than we think and consists of a lot of sense (Emotions): We belong together is their principal. The new community, it is easier to EMOS, Anmache otherwise minded to endure. The portal of the EMOS in the network is MySpace(may here you can make some friends if you do like this), where they constantly learn new friends. With them they meet in Germany to get out to replace them and to have fun

Amor Hilton Send Me Some Love

Ok, now we are moving towards some more obscure type scene queens but nontheless with very hotttttttttttt hair. Here is Amor Hilton!