Coontail Cuteness

Blonde hair and coontails always goes down well!

Red Brass Blonde

What do you think of this emo hair color?

I Got My Awesome New Hair Extensions in the Mail TODAY!

Just yesterday I received in the mail my new hair extensions that I bought online. I have had others before that where utter crap, plastic looking, and colors that didn't match the rest of my hair and I bought these at this over priced trendy salon in my town, they were crap.

But not the ones I just bought!

These ones I got online are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! and you can buy real hair at a cheaper price. The fact that it is real hair means that you can dye it any color you want and you can dye it more than once!! so I get to re use these over and over.

My hair is currently died platinum blonde and it is just past my shoulders but I wanted to have parts of it really long up to my waist it looks beautiful! And I wore it to school and the guy I like was totally eyeing me....and I'm not imagining things! hahahaha

Emo Colour Hairstyle

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Emo Hair

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Emo Fashion

Emo Fashion

I think a definition of emo (emo hair and emo boys and girls) that could include a reasonably large group is the expression of your true self, including your emotions and style; hence we have created this site to help you find the emo hair style that fits you most! The emo gallery has hundreds of photos of emo hair styles and you can add your own by simply registering and uploading the photos.

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Emo Hairstyles

The truth is that a definition of emo doesn’t exist; it means different things for different people. There are hundreds of definitions made up by people but not one of these can describe every single person, that is because the emo hair style and emo style in general changes, whether we’re talking about the emo fashion, emo hair, the emo girls and emo boys always alter their appearances.

Emo can be a term used to describe culture, including music, day-to-day activities, fashion and appearance. Many people are really confused about what emo actually is; especially those who have stereotypical views against the cultural movement. However, it is important to realize that emo today hasn’t got the same meaning as in the 80s; the term was ’stolen’ if you want. For example, in 80s, people who had today’s emo hair weren’t called emo.

Emo Fashion

Emo Girls Hairstyle

Punk Hair Styles are not for everyone but are very trendy hair styles. Punk hair styles are usually for the younger crowd who are liberal and do not need the normal everyday hairstyles that most people have. When it comes to punk hairstyles, there is no normal look and usually the more wild the hairstyle is the better.

Punk hairstyles are harder to find in the media because most of the people we see on television, mainstream magazines, and other sources are not the punk hair styles wearing group. Punk hairstyles are usually very volumous, sometimes with different colors. With punk hairstyles, you try to get as wild with your hair
as possible rather it be sticking it up or letting it flow down wildly. There is a little punk even in the most conservative of people. There is a growing trend of other types of punk-like hairstyles such as emo hairstyles and indie hairstyles which correlates with a genre of music artists similair to punk.

Punk Rock Hair Styles Resources

Resources for punk hair styles are not as plentiful as for other hairstyles but there still are plenty of sources. There are still many websites that are dedicated to punk and plenty of photos of people with punk hair styles. You can find many photos on punk rock band websites as well. There are also punk magazines that you can use to try and come up with ideas for you punk hairstyles. One of the best resources is of course, MTV. You can catch many punk hairstyles in music videos
, concerts, and other shows on MTV. If all else fails just play around with your hair and you never know, the best punk hair style for you might just pop up. Make sure to research products as well. There are many advertisements on products like the Osis brand Surf Up and Slick you need to get those punk hair styles to stay up.

Punk hairstyles

Girls Punk Hair Styles Tips

Use the right products to give you the right look, from those that give volume, flatten, or super hold

Punk hairstyles will go with most any face shape

When going punk, don't worry about how you look just worry about having fun and being free from society's judgements

Our Punk Hairstyle philosphy: Wear what you want( make sure you do wear something though) and do your hair however you like

Browse punk music websites for pictures of punk hairstyles.

Punk isn't your style? Then find out if goth hair is right for you.

Emo Punk

Emo Hairstyles

Characteristics of Emo Hair Styles

Length - One of the main characteristics of an emo hair style is length. Women's emo hair styles are often very short, while there are others that are quite long. Men's emo hairstyles are a bit long for guys, typically a bit longer than ear length.

Color - Most people who wear emo hairstyles dye their hair. Black emo hairstyles are especially common, but it i's not uncommon to find red, blonde or pink emo hairstyles either. Any color of the rainbow usually works well.

Highlights - Emo hairstyles also usually include highlights. These also can be any color of the rainbow, but pink, blue, red and blonde are very common. Highlights are often very thick among emo hair styles.

Bangs - Emo hairstyles often incorporate side swept bangs.
Emo Hairstyles Themes

Some central themes are seen with various emo hairstyles, although emo can be any hairstyle that expresses one's individuality and emotion. A common theme in Emo hairstyles is the off-center, sweeping bangs that often feature a contrasting color. Another major theme in Emo hairstyles is the asymmetrical aspect of the hair. With Emo styles, it is not uncommon to see one section of the hair being short and the other section being long. This can create a very beautiful, if not artsy style.

The good news is that an emo hair style can easily be personalized. By combining several of these common emo hair style characteristics, you can easily create an emo hairstyle that's all your own. If you really want a unique hairstyle, then it is a good idea to consider an emo hair style.