More Katie Babyface

More of the ever so popular super cute blonde scene girlie Katie Babyface!

Katie Babyface Hanging out

Katie Babyface and her awesome scene hairstyle in white blonde and black!

Katie Babyface in a bikini

Emo Gothic Lolita's

Stylised gothic lolitas with emo bangs

just thought it was cool

Cool Purple Blonde Black Emo Hair

Totally digging this super cute emo hairstyle

What is your opinion? Is this Hot or Not?!

Black Red Hair

There is no denying that red and black emo hair look hawt!

you can add some super platinum blonde bleached tresses too for that special touch

Once you have your emo haircut whether it is long

or short

or scene

Gorgeous girl with gorgeous red emo hair

Red emo hairstyles kick ass! even if you look sorta strange....

Sommer and Lauren?

Sommer and Lauren two "scene queens" that have gone down the professional looking photo shoot path and are nice and polished but a tiny bit nondescript.

Gauging their faces with chips in a polished way, maybe a bit of emo high school girl with decent make-up tips but where is the real trash glamor?

This pic is fun in a creepy we are going to kill everyone likey!

In fact I am not even sure if the pics above are all of the same people, correct me if I am wrong please!

Now this is more like it! Who is the hot guy with the tats?