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How To Style Emo Hair


Emo hairstyles are a great way to play around with your look। They allow you to have fun, be creative and unique. An Emo hairstyle treats your hair like a canvas; you have artistic freedom to express who you are, to show off your personal style almost like an art form.

Although there is a wide range of ways to wear an Emo hairstyle, they are often shaggy or spiky. A great sculpting gel will be a good addition to your hairstyling collection. The right hair products will allow you to mold and shape your Emo hairstyle the way you want it to go.

The gel that will be of greatest benefit to you will be one that is very strong with a long lasting hold.

Unlike many other hairstyles, with the Emo hairstyle, you do not need to own or purchase hair equipment such as curling irons or flat irons to maintain your style.

As long as you have good styling products you will be set। Gels and sprays are all that you will need to keep your Emo hairstyle looking its best. The best kind of gels make the hair actually stiff and able to spike up.

How To Style Emo Hairstyles

It is very easy to form your Emo hairstyle into spikes or a funky shag.

All that you need to do is-

Start with wet hair

Using your fingers work a generous amount of gel through your hair

Form your hair into spikes or shape your shag the way you want it

Blow-dry your hair

If making spikes, add more gel as needed

Do not brush your hair out

Spray hair well with hairspray for hold.

The beauty of an Emo hairstyle is how un-uniformed it is.

If you were to visit a salon for your Emo hairstyle and find yourself not happy with it later, you could always feel free to make a few adjustments yourself at home.

Although you can cut your own hair into an Emo hairstyle at home, sometimes it is best to visit a trained professional.

This is true even though many Emo hairstyles are asymmetrical and rather choppy.

This is because it is very hard for us to get a good view of how our hair looks from behind.

However, if you are insistent on doing your Emo hairstyle yourself, the good news is that it is impossible to make a mistake.

The whole point of the Emo hairstyle is a unique look unlike what anyone else has.

Therefore a mistake in your cutting could actually turn into an advantage in your Emo look






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Emo Clothes

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The emo clothing, alot of emo kids wear black, but don't mistake it as goth or skater cause its not even close. Alot of the shirts that emo kids wear have band names on them or some kind emo saying and yes they are tight. My favortie shirts are the ones with just a lil logo on them like a guitar or maybe cute teddy bear. The best thing to wear are pants best make sure they hug you close, closer the better and i dont think anyone is going to say diffrent. Jackets and hoodies, there are so many kinds of jackets that the emo guys can wear like a sute jacket, i dont think a emo chick has pulled that off yet but if you see a hott emo girl wearing a sute jacket and it dosent look bad let me know. Everyone wears pull over hoodies or jacket hoodies, if it dosent have the hood how are you supose to cover your face a little right? I see all kinds of hoodies and jackets tight and loose and lots of colors, some with band names and some without.

Dress's and skirts, yes emo girls do show of there legs even if they are pale guys this may or may not apply to you but there are alot of cute sexy emo dress's and skirts some with little designs on those are so cute. I like dress's that have a design on the shoulder like a skull or cherry. Hosery with the dress's and skirts fishnets or just black stockings i think girls should be able to be sexy no matter what it makes you feel good when you look good, you might not wear them all the time but showing some leg is always hott, no matter who you are or what you look like. And finally complete every outfit you have to have shoes, cute slip ons or just something super comfy, and there are girly shoes like a pair of mary janes, everygirl should have a pair beacuse they look so good with dress's or skirts while wearing a cute pair of hosery.

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Punk Fashion





The punk subculture is very popular among teens and young adults. Those who are part of the punk subculture will generally dress the part. You may be wondering what defines punk fashion, however. As with any other type of fashion style, punk fashion trends are constantly changing. There are also variations of the punk subculture and each variation seems to follow its own fashion trends. Here are a few punk fashion trends that seem to have remained over time.
Band t-shirts are one of the most popular punk fashion trends, which is probably due to the fact that so much emphasis is put on music in the punk subculture. Band t-shirts are generally black (or another dark color) or a bright color, but hardly ever white.
Another very popular punk fashion checkers. Ranging from basic black and white to neon colors, checkers can be found on various types of punk clothing. T-shirts, shorts, dresses and even shoes may incorporate checkers into the design.
Most punks will wear studded belts. Depending on what’s currently popular, they may even wear studded belts

that are very bright colors, such as neon pink or green.
A very common fashion trend, that is sported by almost everyone from the punk subculture, is wearing skateboarder shoes. This includes shoes from brands such as Vans or Converse.
Punk hairstyles are a very important component of punk fashion. There a wide variety of punk hairstyles that you can wear, but generally they will be short and spiky. The base color will usually be either black or platinum blonde and highlights or sections of hair may be dyed another (non-natural) color, such as blue, red or pink.