Emo Styles



* Basically emos wear a lot of black, but unlike goths this is usually paired up with some bright and funky colours, for example if you were wearing dark jeans and a black shirt, you might wear a bright crimson red tie and white jacket, with matching or contrasting accessories. Band t-shirts are also popular, but make sure you buy a band you actually like and know a bit about, and not just some popular band like 'My Chemical Romance' just because you think they might be cool. For emos being clued up to music is a must, and you will look totally shallow and fake if you wear a band name that you don't know anything about. Hoodies are also a must, especially as jackets are not really in the emo fashion picture, so think about motifs such as skulls, stars and crosses. If you are very confident with your style you might also get away with some printed ironic catchphrases and logos, but you should stay away from anything that actually says 'emo' as you will look like a major wannabe. Layers are also a good emo look, such as a t-shirt over a long sleeve shirt, or a long sleeve stretch top under a vest top. Scarves are great for creating a layered look as well, and also brightening up dark outfits. You can get thin silk and linen scarves to wear in the summer, just loosely draped around the neck purely as an accessory. Those big long stripy winter scarves are very cool and you can also get cute matching mittens or even better fingerless gloves which are very much part of the emo look.

* Emos never wear sports logos such as Adidas or Nike - way too mainstream, but the odd article of designer clothing is acceptable, such as a really nice pair of tight jeans or a super stylish black shirt, as long as it doesn't have the label in a really obvious place. Jeans of course as mentioned should be tight for an emo look, and also well cut. The emo style usually stays well away from scruffy, so make sure all your trousers are the right length so they are not dragging on the ground and getting tatty, and also the right fit for your legs.

* Shoes should be flat, think funky pumps for girls and Converse or Vans trainers for girls and boys. Stay away from big chunky boots as this will look at little too punk, especially when teemed with skirts and tights for the girls. High heels are acceptable in some cases, especially if matched with an appropriate emo outfit, such as killer glossy red high heels matched with a black skirt and fitted sexy shirt, fishnet tights, and red accessories.

* Accessories are not vital, but they can help to jazz up a dark outfit. Layering accessories is a popular emo look, such as having lots of bangles on your wrists, or lots of necklaces. Cute tote bags and little backpacks are good too, but stay away from designer or leather handbags, as they look way to formal and showy for this emo style. Piercing and tattoos are also popular, but in moderation otherwise you are straying into punk/goth/metalhead territory.