Emo Boys



Some approximate steps.

1. try to understand what exactly emo is. Like any style, any fashion or culture, exact definition is disputable, and often depends on personal perception. The word "emo" is connected with an emotional conditional and fate of a person. it’s its most exact definition. The biggest part of emo loves the underground, indie music.

2. Study music. Emo boys – are usually the main representatives of the emo music, which usually consists of the emotional lyrics and unessential "screamo". For many years this musical genre has been usually considered as an underground. That assurance has made emo music more popular nowadays, than ever. If you listen a great number of emo-groups, you will probably like one of them and decide to choose a special one for yourself, for example a bass, or a guitar.

3. Check up yourself. Try to listen emo music. If as a result you become a passionate admirer of this style and you cry and sob each time after having listened different emo music albums, then possibly you are a real emo. You’ll achieve an internal emo only if you has this feeling of being emo inside or no.

4. Dress up. After you have already found out an internal emo, try to walk around different emo shops looking for new clothes. emo style was born after the punk and goth culture. Put on some narrow jeans, fitting T-shirts with symbols of emo-groups on them, belts with thorns, and old, black worn out pair of jogging shoes.