Punk Fashion





The punk subculture is very popular among teens and young adults. Those who are part of the punk subculture will generally dress the part. You may be wondering what defines punk fashion, however. As with any other type of fashion style, punk fashion trends are constantly changing. There are also variations of the punk subculture and each variation seems to follow its own fashion trends. Here are a few punk fashion trends that seem to have remained over time.
Band t-shirts are one of the most popular punk fashion trends, which is probably due to the fact that so much emphasis is put on music in the punk subculture. Band t-shirts are generally black (or another dark color) or a bright color, but hardly ever white.
Another very popular punk fashion checkers. Ranging from basic black and white to neon colors, checkers can be found on various types of punk clothing. T-shirts, shorts, dresses and even shoes may incorporate checkers into the design.
Most punks will wear studded belts. Depending on what’s currently popular, they may even wear studded belts

that are very bright colors, such as neon pink or green.
A very common fashion trend, that is sported by almost everyone from the punk subculture, is wearing skateboarder shoes. This includes shoes from brands such as Vans or Converse.
Punk hairstyles are a very important component of punk fashion. There a wide variety of punk hairstyles that you can wear, but generally they will be short and spiky. The base color will usually be either black or platinum blonde and highlights or sections of hair may be dyed another (non-natural) color, such as blue, red or pink.