Emo Fashion

Emo Fashion and Hairstyles:
Emo fashion has also evolved with time. There can no particular definition of this as well, but there are certain characteristics that can define Emo fashion. What has been this fascination for Emo fashion? Is it the wackiness or the weird outlook that is found very appealing to many? Of course, this is also a matter of personal opinion. Emo boys and gals have always tried to be unique in their own special way. There are no special rules as far as Emo fashion goes. The ‘dress code’ of being Emo is all about being comfortable in what you are wearing. So, how would one distinguish a true Emo guy or gal?

Though most people would scoff at the Emo look, I personally do like the cheesy and don’t-care-attitude of this ‘culture’! Skinny jeans with hoodies look fab as a representation of the Emo group। Jeans must be tight to show that you are truly Emo but make sure you can carry it off as well. The typical emotional punk movement may not really be considered fashionable by many but then the term fashion means differently to different people. Emo girls have dyed hair with asymmetrical lines and sometimes one can find nerdy glasses perched on their nose as well. A black t-shirt worn with a hooded jacket also works well. Though jackets are not completely Emo, you can go in for a lightweight kind. Loads of layering for Emo guys and girls is also important. Guys can go in for zany T-shirts worn with studded belts and fingerless gloves. Accessories in Emo fashion are aplenty ranging from hemp necklaces or tote bags. Body piercing is also considered to be very Emo! A little strange to some, but patterned knee high socks are also part of this category.