I Got My Awesome New Hair Extensions in the Mail TODAY!

Just yesterday I received in the mail my new hair extensions that I bought online. I have had others before that where utter crap, plastic looking, and colors that didn't match the rest of my hair and I bought these at this over priced trendy salon in my town, they were crap.

But not the ones I just bought!

These ones I got online are absolutely AWESOME!!!!! and you can buy real hair at a cheaper price. The fact that it is real hair means that you can dye it any color you want and you can dye it more than once!! so I get to re use these over and over.

My hair is currently died platinum blonde and it is just past my shoulders but I wanted to have parts of it really long up to my waist it looks beautiful! And I wore it to school and the guy I like was totally eyeing me....and I'm not imagining things! hahahaha