Scene Core

According to Urban Dictionary the definition of scene core is:

Scenecore is usually associated with glam punk. It's following music trends and applying fashion trends to them, and those fashion trends are usually as mainstream as it can be in the punk scene...and they are considered to be posers too. It's also dressing just to impress rather than just wearing something that's cheap and comfortable.

Boys usually wear tight shirts, girls pants, and sometimes "emo" style hair

Girls usually have short hair, sometimes with really short bangs, pin straight, dyed lots of times

bandanas around the ankle and wrist is scenecore, and so are really huge sunglasses and small hairclips.

It also seems like a lot of scenecore girls go to shows just to meet guys, and vice versa.
Ohh man look at that girl...

she looks like she just went on a shopping spree at A and F and thrift stores...

yeah and she only likes Bane and Simple Plan.

Mann what a scene core chick...

Bow in the hair, poseur face... this girl is soo scene core, at least according to some

SceneCore is not "EMO" SceneCore consists of teenagers usually around 14-17 Who listen to Hardcore and usually Metal-core. And sometimes they have traditional Heavy metal, Death metal, Or Grindcore. They useally dress up in tight Band tees or tight ripped jeans.They Wear hoodies almost all the time. Useally have studded belts on Wallet chains. And optional Bracelets and Wristbands. They usually have straightend hair bangs off to the side and or spiked. Once again they are not faggy emo kids who cut them selves and whine about how they're life sucks. Basically if you dress like an emo but don't act like one. You are SceneCore
Emo boy: Hey, you're emo too..?
SceneCore Boy: What? Fuck no.
Emo boy: Ohh...well I just wanted someone to cut them selves with me while we listened to hawthorne heights...and whined about our lives...
SceneCore boy: Later pussy...
Emo boy: *Cries*
SceneCore boy: *Punches him in the face.* Faggot.

Scene core girl with out there hairstyle.

Bright pink hair, huge sunglasses, obligatory hair bow

Pretty as a picture scene core girl

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