Janel Marie Cool Hair

Just browsing through youtube on a bored day I came across some awesome makeup tutorial by one Janel Mariee. This girl has got the raddest scene hair I have seen in a long time.

Check it out!
Black hair with purple and blue streaks and some coontails

Bright blue hairstyle

Awesome green hair

Beautiful turquoise blue with yellowy green streaks.

This girl has amazing hairstyles and great video tutorials on youtube like this one about doing your makeup (especially the eyes) like Audrey Kitching:

Dye Black Hair Blonde

A guide to removing black hair dye.

Ok, so many of us have gone ahead and dyed our hair a jet black and yes it looks absolutely awesome but over time you get the feeling that you need a change. Perhaps now you want to go completely blonde so that you can then add some coontails in blue or maybe some pink streaks here and there.

Any of you who have ever dyed your hair black before will know how hard it is to get rid of the black hair color without completely ruining and destroying your hair. Black hair dye is the hardest to remove of all hair dyes as it penetrates the hair shaft very deeply. As tempting as it is to use a 40 vol peroxide to bleach the black away you may end up looking like Homer Simpson with 2 strands of hair left on your head or a completely fried mop that falls off in your hands.

The best product to use is L'Oreal Color Zap. You can buy this product at general beauty stores or online. This product is ideal and made specifically for removing permanent hair color from your hair, it is a hair stripper, it does contain some bleach in order to do what it is meant to do.

Follow the instructions on the box and do not condition your hair. Your hair should now be a medium brassy orange. Not a nice color I know but it gets better.

Now it is time to bring out the bleach. Make sure you only use a 20 vol or 30 vol peroxide. Add to your hair as per instructions and rinse thoroughly. You may need to do the bleaching process twice to get to the platinum blonde stage.

For a tutorial on how to get platinum blonde hair go here: Bleach Hair Blonde

Coontail Hair Pictures

The sexy coontail trend is largely attributed to scene queen Kiki Kannibal. Coontails are a great way to add texture and color to your scene hairstyle.

Kiki Kannibal Coontails:

This awesome trend was reproduced by the likes of Vanna Venom:

and coontails can be seen on Audrey Kitching and Jac Vanek:

and on the likes of Izzy Hilton and Dani Gore:

And on gorgeous scene girls everywhere:
Coontails in crazy turquoise blue

Coontails in purple and pink or blue and pink, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Coontails in different shades of blue

Hand painted coontails in black

Amazing black hair with white blonde coontails.

Bleach blonde hair with faded black coontails.

Pink and Blue Scene Hair

Adding bits of bright pink and lush blue to your emo scene hairstyle is eye catching. Looks great mixed in with jet black hair.

You can let the red and the blue hair dye combine in parts to create a gorgeous purple blend in the mix.

Blue pink and purple hair is a killer combination on bleach blonde scene hair

Or just color your entire hair a nice shade of pale pink and add some blue accents.

Audrey Kitching - Ch ch ch ch changes

Audrey Kitching love her or hate her, something that cannot be denied is that she has awesome scene hair. The following video is a tribute to her cool scene style and fabulous scene hairstyles.

Which hairstyle do you like best on Audrey Kitching?

How fun to watch Audrey's style change over time in quick photo succession. If you want Hannah Beth Audrey Kitching or Zui Sucide Audrey Kitching then there are plenty of cute photos in this vid to satisfy. However if your want Brendon Urie Audrey Kitching then this photo will have to do cause the vid lacks in that department:

Brendon Uries oops I mean Urie and Audrey Kitching a.k.a Brendon Urie girlfriend

Umm do the needful and please to leave your comments below! ciao

"How did you do your hair dude?"

Let this JAPANESE guy teach you how to achieve that short spiky hairstyle in under a minute. It's like AWESOME!

Perfect for the emo/bad boy/Yakuza!!! look.

Finland Scene - Hannie Dropkick

The gorgeous scene queen from Finland is Hannie Dropkick (real name Hanna Marie)

Hannie Dropkick changes her scene hairstyle up often and it always looks totally awesome no matter what color.

Hannie Dropkick and her awesome eyes and septum piercing and sexy star tats on her chest.

Hannie Dropkick with bleached blonde hair

But my favourite scene hairstyle on Hannie Dropkick is most definitely the black hair! and what great make-up too!

I wonder if she is a Dropkick Murphys fan?

Kelly Chaos!

Hot and sexy Kelly Chaos!

Great piercings, awesome eyes!

Kelly x

Emo hair

Emo hair

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Emo hair and face:

- painted or naturally black hair should be cut off exactly on half of forehead. It is better to make thick bang. Put some flocks ahead and some side curls on ears and behind;
- whiskers are needed anyway;
- hair should better be disheveled and stuck out in different ways;
- hair on the nape should be also tousled and raised;
- the best variant is to cut off hair shortly enough in a back part of the head and then make some thorns with help of gel;
- you can add some purple colour to your bang. The bang hangs down, closing one eye, and reaches a cheek;
- almost white face, with pale lips, which are almost the same tone as the skin, brightly coloured eyes. It is even possible to make some black paths from the imaginary cosmetics washed away by tears on the face. And it is possible to add the teardrops drawn with a black pencil

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The advice: while your hair is still growing and reaching a necessary length for an emo-sight, beter brush it in the direction, you have planned from the beginning. In such way you’ll "get used" your hair to keep the necessary direction all the time.

Emo haircuts:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a boy or a girl, use hairpins and gel for giving a necessary design for your haircut. So, in case you have wavy hair, use hairspray/gel to "calm down’’ and smooth it. Besides, use a qualitative shampoo to humidify the hair, then you can keep it straight and not damage its flexibility and firmness in the future. By the way, using special straightening hairpins is very convenient. Put some casual hairpins in your hair.
Do not forget that it is not needed to provide some extreme measures. It is not necessary to wash your hair with shampoo every day because it can overdry the hair and damage it. But you should not forget about regular washing of unfresh and dirty hair in general. Emo hairstyles assume basically one – black – colour, but you can also confidently experiment and make some combinations of black colour and other tones. But do not get fond of it a lot, because you will than look like the clown. And it won’t be a desirable result.

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Advice 1: After three or four months your hair will already reach the necessary length and it will fall on your forehead a lot. Visit the hairdresser who will correct some defects and, will improve your haircut, so that, it will continue to grow in the necessary direction and will get the required and desired form.

Advice 2: Do not try to paint your hair in some tones of completely black colour because your hair will turn in blue-violet. Try to use natural black colour or, at least, the dark-chestnut.

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Emo Hair Styles

What is Emo?

The truth is that a definition of emo doesn’t exist; it means different things for different people. There are hundreds of definitions made up by people but not one of these can describe every single person, that is because the emo hair style and emo style in general changes, whether we’re talking about the emo fashion, emo hair, the emo girls and emo boys always alter their appearances.

Emo can be a term used to describe culture, including music, day-to-day activities, fashion and appearance. Many people are really confused about what emo actually is; especially those who have stereotypical views against the cultural movement. However, it is important to realize that emo today hasn’t got the same meaning as in the 80s; the term was ’stolen’ if you want. For example, in 80s, people who had today’s emo hair weren’t called emo.

Emo Fashion

I think a definition of emo (emo hair and emo boys and girls) that could include a reasonably large group is the expression of your true self, including your emotions and style; hence we have created this site to help you find the emo hair style that fits you most! The emo gallery has hundreds of photos of emo hair styles and you can add your own by simply registering and uploading the photos.

Which Emo Hair Is Good For You?

The emo forum will also provide grounds of discussion for various ideas, suggestions or emo hair , emo boys , emo girls or simply any emo fashion related queries!

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emo fashion

Emo Fashion

It’s hard to imagine when you are a child but it’s inevitable: in every generation there is going to be a generation gap and while you may not think that your parents got you when you were younger, you are only going to have the same problems with your children. One of the most popular trends today that many parents do not understand is the rise of emo culture. Emo is shortform for emotional and is a culture that is heavily influenced by punk, goth, and post-punk except much more sensitive. Emo is dominating the airwaves with such popular bands as Fall Out Boy, influencing the movies with such fare as Garden State, and the television with shows like The OC and One Tree Hill. The influence of emo culture has spread to the fashion world and emo fashion is making its influence felt on the runways of today.

In emo culture, feelings are placed at a premium and emo fashion can only be described as being extremely non-threatening. Much like emo’s attitude towards life, comfort is placed at a premium in emo fashion. Typically, tight jeans are a staple in emo fashion. However, you don’t want your pants to be too tight or then you’ll be entering the world of 80’s glam rock fashion.

Additionally, vintage clothing is considered to be a great and cheap way to accessorize yourself and express your own personal style. A popular staple of emo fashion is wearing vintage T-shirts or t-shirts of popular emo bands that will impress your friends. Mirroring the entrepreneurial attitude that is so popular today, it is not uncommon for emo fashion to incorporate t-shirts supporting smaller fashion labels or skateboarding companies. Distancing itself from the much more glammed out 80’s fashion, emo fashion can be described as being a bit nerdy, reflected in the huge popularity of thick, black-rimmed glasses.

Oddly enough for a subculture that strongly emphasizes personal expression, your typical emo fashion haircut involves brushing back long bangs to one side of your face. Additional staples in emo fashion include wearing studded belts and wearing Chuck Tyler Converse All-Stars shoes. Eschewing style for comfort, emo fashion can be seen when you walk through any college campus today. It is slowly making its influence felt in the working world and really any fashion trend that emphasizes comfort over style can’t really be all that bad, right?

Emo fashion is also closely associated to the popular skateboarding and snowboarding worlds. Although emo fashion may not be appropriate for that big office party or for formal functions, they provide great fashion accessories for those lazy weekends where you can run around and run errands. Additionally, emo fashion has a big advantage in that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to achieve that dreamy emo look and is not overly expensive to buy.
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