Emo Girl DIY hair

Emo DIY Hair!

Blue EMo Girl

CUte EMo Girl with photoshopped bright blue hair and other quirky photoshopped elements on her emo face!

And here is another emo hairstyles for girls

The Many Colors of Amor Hilton

Amor Hilton...I read somewhere that she is a MySpace Scene Queen. Any of you out there in the know who would love to clarify the difference between an apparent "real" scene queen and a Myspace scene queen please do so in the comments. I allow anonymous comments here so speak your mind without fear!

Back to Amor Hilton! She has some awesome style! Looks ever so pretty with bright pink hair.

Amor Hilton is a hot brunette

and it seems this rad scene queen can also go blonde and totally rock it! in fact she looks like Bridget Bardot in this one, love it!

And here is a final hot picture of Amor Hilton for all your fans out there.

Sexy Scene Girl Tattoos

This hot emo girl not only has cool scene hair, she has awesome tattoos and rad piercings!


Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect.
Rather, it means that we look beyond the imperfections.
At least we try to forget for a while ..

Trashy Life

Just a quick look at scene queens Zui Suicide and Audrey Kitching in their Trashy Life Days.

Audrey with her pink hair and rad eye make up. Do try this at home kids!

Zui Suicide biting the leg off a doll...ohh trashy yet so sexy in some kind of fucked up way

This is how a scene queen plays with dolls:

Rip their heads off baby!!

Cute Blonde Emo Girl

What a cute blonde emo girl!

She has super cool platinum blonde hair with a cute bow in her hair....Hawt Hairstyle!

Emo Fashion 2009

Emo Hair

Probably nothing characterises the Emo look more than the Emo hairstyle, which features:

A long fringe (bangs) brushed to one side of the face or over one or both eyes, dyed black (and/or other colours), straightened (and layered). Spikes are occasionally accentuated at certain angles of the hair, especially at the back. A common generalization for emo hair is short in the back and long in the front.

However, there are many emo-looking hair styles to choose from and it's important to think outside the box. Emo has its roots in the punk scene, and isn't just limited to black with a long fringe. Hair can be dark brown, black, blond, purple or any color you want - as long as the cut is expressive of a punk rock culture and has a little emo flare. Black hair, for example, may be highlighted with white accents, vibrant red streaks, orange tones, or any other shade the individual prefers. At the same time, any color that is bold and vibrant can be considered an emo look. Wear super girly hair bands, bandannas, ribbons. It's up to you!

It is a misconception that emo styles aren't washed frequently. While some teenagers may choose not to wash their hair regularly, this is not a necessary characteristic of emo styles.

Emo hairstyles are a great way to play around with your look. They allow you to have fun, be creative and unique. An Emo hairstyle treats your hair like a canvas; you have artistic freedom to express who you are, to show off your personal style almost like an art form. The beauty of an Emo hairstyle is how un-uniformed it is; they are asymmetrical and rather choppy.

Emo Hairstyles







Emo Boys


1. try to understand what exactly emo is. Like any style, any fashion or culture, exact definition is disputable, and often depends on personal perception. The word "emo" is connected with an emotional conditional and fate of a person. it’s its most exact definition. The biggest part of emo loves the underground, indie music.

2. Study music. Emo boys – are usually the main representatives of the emo music, which usually consists of the emotional lyrics and unessential "screamo". For many years this musical genre has been usually considered as an underground. That assurance has made emo music more popular nowadays, than ever. If you listen a great number of emo-groups, you will probably like one of them and decide to choose a special one for yourself, for example a bass, or a guitar.

3. Check up yourself. Try to listen emo music. If as a result you become a passionate admirer of this style and you cry and sob each time after having listened different emo music albums, then possibly you are a real emo. You’ll achieve an internal emo only if you has this feeling of being emo inside or no.

4. Dress up. After you have already found out an internal emo, try to walk around different emo shops looking for new clothes. emo style was born after the punk and goth culture. Put on some narrow jeans, fitting T-shirts with symbols of emo-groups on them, belts with thorns, and old, black worn out pair of jogging shoes.

5. Change a hairstyle. Repaint your hair in black. Cut off your hair shortly, but leave a long bang, put it only on one side of your head and forehead. Your bang has to hide one eye under itself. Shorten a nape, and don’t cut your hair in the front to let it become long. You can also paint your bang in a lighter colour, than the rest of the hair is.






Emo Girls








Emo Fashion

Emo Fashion



It’s hard to imagine when you are a child but it’s inevitable: in every generation there is going to be a generation gap and while you may not think that your parents got you when you were younger, you are only going to have the same problems with your children. One of the most popular trends today that many parents do not understand is the rise of emo culture. Emo is shortform for emotional and is a culture that is heavily influenced by punk, goth, and post-punk except much more sensitive. Emo is dominating the airwaves with such popular bands as Fall Out Boy, influencing the movies with such fare as Garden State, and the television with shows like The OC and One Tree Hill. The influence of emo culture has spread to the fashion world and emo fashion is making its influence felt on the runways of today.

In emo culture, feelings are placed at a premium and emo fashion can only be described as being extremely non-threatening. Much like emo’s attitude towards life, comfort is placed at a premium in emo fashion. Typically, tight jeans are a staple in emo fashion. However, you don’t want your pants to be too tight or then you’ll be entering the world of 80’s glam rock fashion.

Additionally, vintage clothing is considered to be a great and cheap way to accessorize yourself and express your own personal style. A popular staple of emo fashion is wearing vintage T-shirts or t-shirts of popular emo bands that will impress your friends. Mirroring the entrepreneurial attitude that is so popular today, it is not uncommon for emo fashion to incorporate t-shirts supporting smaller fashion labels or skateboarding companies. Distancing itself from the much more glammed out 80’s fashion, emo fashion can be described as being a bit nerdy, reflected in the huge popularity of thick, black-rimmed glasses.

Oddly enough for a subculture that strongly emphasizes personal expression, your typical emo fashion haircut involves brushing back long bangs to one side of your face. Additional staples in emo fashion include wearing studded belts and wearing Chuck Tyler Converse All-Stars shoes. Eschewing style for comfort, emo fashion can be seen when you walk through any college campus today. It is slowly making its influence felt in the working world and really any fashion trend that emphasizes comfort over style can’t really be all that bad, right?

Cute Short Emo Hairstyle For Girls

Here is a super cute short emo hairstyle for girls:

You can add a nice double loop head band for a nice effect

Black emo hair with blonde streaks looks totally rad!

Brokelle Bones Super Cute

I always come back to Brookelle Bones because she is super cutetastic!

This girl is GORGEOUS!

Brookelle's hair is awesome....oh please be mine